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How To Potty Train

Child on potty 

The Leap into Potty Training:  If you’re reading this, I can safely assume you must have a child you are trying to potty train (or you’re doing some preparatory homework).  I know you will be happy to have your child using the toilet on his or her own, and even more thrilled with the money you will save on diapers. 

“Start Potty Training” System:  A mother of four children with an at-home daycare service developed an extremely successful potty training method that she is now sharing with the world.  When the attempt at potty training her first child turned into such a disaster, Carol Cline made it her mission to figure out an easier way.  With three more children of her own, plus the children of others coming into her daycare, she had plenty of opportunities test the methods she found.

After years of making notes, she compiled the most successful potty training methods and step-by-step instructions into a book, and gave it out to friends with children.  Her methods were so successful that her friends shared their success stories with other parents, and pretty soon Ms. Cline was getting calls and requests from dozens of new people every day wanting a copy of her book.

Over time, she has edited her book by using the feedback received from her 263,000 (and counting) customers to make a good system even better. 

Does it work?  As with any product, Carol Cline says it would be dishonest to say her “Start Potty Training” system will work for everyone.  However, she has conducted surveys among her customers and claims to maintain a consistent 97.6% success rate (which she defines as a fully potty trained child with zero accidents).  That means 97 out of 100 families are successful in potty training their child using her method.

Furthermore, she claims that 89.6% of her customers are able to potty train their child in only 3 days.  A mere 2.6% say they had to retry the program.  96.3% say they would recommend this method to a friend and would use it again if they were to have another child.

If the numbers do not convince you to try this product, perhaps the money back guarantee will ease your fears.  If by chance you are among the 2.4% who fails to potty train your child after trying this method for 8 weeks, Ms. Cline will fully refund your money, no questions asked. 

What others have to say:  There are plenty of glowing reviews from happy moms across the globe that have had success with using Carol Cline’s “Start Potty Training” system.  Marcie Litman in Chance, CA, wrote in to say, “…I’m on my 4th day and my child… has gone nearly 24 hours now using the potty on her own without telling me she has to go.  Who knew I would stumble across this site and have a fully potty trained child 3 days later!”  In addition to teaching you how to potty train your child, Ms. Cline says she also provides information on how to prevent your child’s regression back into diapers.

Miranda Bast in Tobin Lake, ID, said, “My son… was fully potty trained during the day halfway into day two.  We just completed day 5 and he has had two dry nights in a row. Finding this site was like finding gold and I’m happy to report my life is completely diaper free.”  The “Start Potty Training” system includes an entire section designed to help in the specific area of potty training at night.

Noreen Yule in Sugar Land, NE, wrote, “My child is 16 months old and JUST completed your method.  To be honest, it took 8 days instead of 3 but keep in mind that my child was completely UNREADY to be potty trained before starting your method.  I could honestly kiss you right now.”  Carol Cline claims that the first step to potty training is preparing your child, which includes building him or her up mentally and getting them excited. 

Things to considerNot every legitimately great product works for everyone, and that includes the “Start Potty Training” method.  Carol Cline even makes the comment that her product is not work 100% of the time.


  • Regardless of method, potty training a child is generally not fun, and requires patience, time, and dedication to your goal.  While this method claims to have a high success rate, it never claims to be easy.
  • The claims are that this method can work as quickly as 3 days, but studies show that 10.4% of children are not trained in such a short period of time.
  • If you’re not willing to commit to this and spend up to eight weeks working the method, you may not get results.  The money back guarantee does not apply until after 8 full weeks.
  • 2.6% of families that tried this program had to repeat it.
  • Expect to have messes during the process (meaning pee pee and poopie in undesirable places).

Where Do I Sign?!  If you’re sold on trying this product, here’s the dirty details: 

  • The price of the product is $37.00 and is available for purchase at the official website listed below.
  • The product comes with no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee after 8 weeks, so you are out no money if it does not work for you.
  • There is no shipping cost or waiting period because the product is downloadable.  With your purchase, you are given immediate access to all the following formats, and you can use any and all that work best for you:
    •  Audio
    • Video
    • Readable
    • eReader (compatible with iPad, Kindle, Nook, and others)
  • The price of this product is equal to the price of a large package of name-brand diapers, so instead of thinking about how much you will be spending, you can think of how much you are saving on the potential future cost of diapers.
  • There is a limited-time offer; if you buy this product now, you will receive the following for free (a combined value of $210):
    • Printable reward charts and certificates
    • Personal one-on-one support from Carol Cline
    • A copy of the “Parenting: How to Raise Great Kids” guide which touches on topics ranging from poisons to dealing with death.

Our opinion:   Based on our research, we find that the “Start Potty Training” guide is a useful tool to quickly and successfully potty train your child.  The personal and whimsical way in which Carol Cline identifies with her clients is refreshing.  The value of the product is great considering the amount of money it will save you on disposable diapers in the future.  And with a 100% money-back guarantee if the process does not work for you makes it a risk-free investment.

Click here to visit the official website for “Start Potty Training” by Carol Cline.  It contains informational videos and customer testimonials as well as a secure site to purchase the “Start Potty Training” guide.



Three Day Potty Training


Get In, Get Out, and Get on With Your Life:  Either you’ve begun potty training and it’s not going so well or you’re getting ready to start the adventure, either way, starting today, you can potty train your child in as little as 3 days.

It does not matter if today is your first day trying or if you’ve been laboring with your son or daughter for weeks or months, the 3 day method developed Carol Cline has a 97.4% success rate out of her 263,000 customers, so odds are it will work for you, too.  [click to continue…]


Potty Training Boys

Potty Training Boy

Potty Training Little Boys:  It’s pretty common to read or hear that it’s more difficult to potty train boys.  While I’ve heard this contradicted, I expect it depends on your perspective, method, and preparation.  I suppose the biggest argument is whether to train them sitting or standing. 

Sit vs. Stand:  There is no right answer to this debate.  However, experts say that teaching your boy to potty train by sitting down to pee is the best method because it helps to eliminate confusion.  Simplify.  I suppose they think learning both ways is too much to handle at one time or perhaps he may get backwards which time he needs to sit and which time he needs to stand.  Regardless, I imagine you will be dealing with fewer messes if he tinkles sitting down (most adult men still have difficulty with this; sorry, just had to say it).  One other argument for the sit-down method is that, most of the time, urine and bowel movements happen at the same time, so it’s best, at least in the beginning, to have him seated just in case #2 comes out while he’s focusing on #1. [click to continue…]


What Age To Potty Train

Four Babies in Diapers
When Can I Get Started? 
According to everything I’ve read, there is no magical age.  I’ve read stories in forums ranging from parents potty training their child at 6 months all the way to the parents who had to hold a child back in school because they couldn’t get him or her trained on time.  You will find methods that range from infant training (beginning shortly after birth) to methods that practically tell you to let your child decide its time on their own, and a range from “train in a single day” to “it takes 18 months to fully train.”  Every method has worked for someone, but you should decide what you are comfortable with and devise your own plan. [click to continue…]


When To Potty Train

Little Boy With Clock

Potty Time?  One of the many challenges a mommy must overcome is the trial of potty training.  And if you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready to begin potty training your child, or you’re not having any luck with your current method and seeking some advice.  Either way, the internet is full of ideas and suggestions.  And your first question is probably, “when should I begin potty training my child?” 

[click to continue…]


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